The innovative INB® system ensures intelligent load distribution and combines both surface course and base course in a single product.
Thanks to SLW 60 certification, the INB® system is suitable for the following fastening types:


    ■ Car parking spaces                                   ■ Truck and bus parking spaces
    ■ Garage entrances                                     ■ Courtyard fortifications
    ■ Walking and cycling paths                        ■ Camp sites
    ■ Fire brigade access roads &                     ■ Access roads
       heavy-duty access roads

The INB® system (solid plastic grid with 7.4 kg support per panel) reduces the requirements for load-bearing capacity and compaction and thus the impact on nature. The ecologically revitalised soil structure remains intact, is protected against subsequent compaction and remains permeable to water and air in the long term.


The design of the base course is based on the required payload and is subdivided into the following three construction methods:

    ■ Passenger cars up to 3.5 t                                        ■ without base course

    ■ Car and occasional heavy traffic                               ■ 15-25 cm base course
    ■ Heavy goods traffic SLW60                                       ■ 20-30 cm base course
    (construction roads, fire brigade access roads)


What are the advantages of the INB® construction?

By using the INB® system (plastic grids, recycling floor grids), you decide in favour of

  • a long-lasting and mobile solution (20 years warranty**)

  • low construction costs => cost and resource saving

  • fast, sustainable, ecological and fast soil stabilization

  • a simplification of the approval process

  • a high savings potential in rainwater charges (surface drainage)

  • not only for a lawn grid, a lawn honeycomb or just a plastic grid.

The ideal solution in nature conservation, water protection and environmental protection areas and poorly sustainable building ground.
With the solid plastic grid (lawn grid) you can replace up to 100% of the base layer and thus enables open construction with surface drainage.


The INB® plastic grid consists of 100% recycled plastic from the Dual System Germany.
Certified according to German standards:

  • environmental certificate

  • clearance certificate

  • Blue Angel

  • Waste water protection certificate (material information)

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