Animal husbandry

Give your animals the home they deserve with the INB® system panels.

Discover the floor system that can do more

For about 20 years we have been supporting and informing pet owners in their building projects. The welfare of the animal is the top priority. The INB® system panel is used in various areas of application.
It can be installed as a drainage plate or as a fastening plate. The system can be laid without a substructure and protects the floor from compaction and soil erosion caused by horses’ hooves, for example. This allows the soil to renew itself and allows precipitation to run off unhindered. Thanks to the built-in hollow chamber system, the slab does not sink, even on loamy soil. But the INB® system promises even more.

Here are the advantages at a glance:


The INB panels can be picked up and relaid at any time.
Ecologically sustainable
No compaction of the natural soil. Promotes the natural water cycle.
100% recycled
Made from recycled material from the Dualensystem DE
Can be driven on without any problems, even with a heavy vehicle.
Without substructure
The INB® system can be laid without a substructure
animal friendly
Has a declaration of no objection to harmful substances.

Before / After

INB System bei der Tierhaltung Before
Tierhaltung ohne INB System After

Wear layer for comfort and safety

We always recommend applying a wear layer. Is your horse sand colic?
No problem, these three types of trapping are possible:
INB System Tierhaltung Bodenplatten Sand
Sand the classic one
INB System Tierhaltung Bodenplatten Rindenmulch
bark mulch & wood pellets
INB System Tierhaltung Bodenplatten Grassamen
Sow grass seed,
the eco version


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